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Maxspect Recurve - Firmware update

Maxspect Recurve - Firmware update

There is a firmware update now available for the Maxspect Recurve. This update will allow the Recurve to be controlled wirelessly with the Syna-G app via an ICV 6 controller (sold seperatly).


To update your unit download the firmware update file at the following link then follow the steps below

  1. Save the downloaded firmware file onto a Micro SD card (ideally less than 32G and running FAT 32 system).
  2. Insert the SD care into the Recurve.
  3. Press and hold the button then power on the Recurve, then wait 3 seconds, the screen will shows the SETUP menu. Select the option 1 "firmware". The firmware will then be updated to the current version.
  4. Do not forget to restart the Recurve after upgrading the firmware.

You can download the Syna-G app for android here;

And for Apple (iOS) here;

Be sure to only install the Recurve firmware, attempting to install firmware intended for another product may damage your unit.